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Language analysis

for healthcare and research 

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The challenge

Language sample transcription and analysis is fundamental in the evaluation of the naturalistic language of children and adults. Speech and language therapists however simply do not have the time to carry out this important work. The challenge is to design, develop and evaluate tools that enable clinicians to elicit, transcribe and analyse story retell language samples.

The technology

Therapy Box has worked with children to design an engaging storytelling app that 94% of parents reported was easy to use at home. A crowdsourcing campaign resulted in over 4000 people sharing their language samples which have helped us build and refine a product ready for clinical evaluation in the NHS.

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In 2021 we began evaluation of Language Explorer with children in clinical settings in the NHS. The app will be swiftly brought to market as a Class I medical device at the end of the year.  Work is underway to enable other researchers to use the tools in the future.