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We will be presenting at the NIHR Children and Young People MedTech Co-operative, as part of the Child Health Technology (CHT) Programme. The line-up includes talks and seminars from leading experts, interactive Q&A sessions and tech demos.

CHT Programme


The 2021 Naplic conference is going to focus on DLD and and speech, language and communication needs, with a focus on how interventions at an individual level and new innovations can improve outcomes. Yvonne Wren will speak about Language Explorer, and how it uses AI to analyse narrative samples for diagnosing DLDs.


Last November, Yvonne Wren from Bristol Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit took part in Charles Sturt University Early Childhood Voices 2020 Conference. She presented her work on Developing a tool for automatic transcription and analysis of children’s language samples. During her talk, she discussed  Language Explorer which was developed using machine learning, records narrative samples of children retelling a story. In addition, she also covered the citizen science approach which was used to promote public participation in the collection of data for both automatic and manual transcription and analysis to determine the reliability of the tool. To learn more about the technologies and the outcomes that resulted from this, please watch her presentation below

Early Childhood Voices 2020 Conference

Articles about Language Explorer

"First-of-its-kind app could help NHS with fast, cost-effective diagnosis and treatment planning"

Newcastle University

"Parents are being asked to participate in a groundbreaking national research project to tell one story now, help thousands of children tomorrow."

Hackney Gazette

"Therapy Box, is a leading collaborative project is using Out-of-Home advertising sites to encourage parents to download Language Explorer – a fun storytelling app that will also help speech and language therapists in the future identify children with a developmental language disorder."


"Linguistic solutions firm Therapy Box, which won the Scale & Grow category, said it has saved the NHS £6 million so far with its AI solution to help tackle development language disorder (DLD) in children."


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