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Upcoming Conferences and Events

RCSLT Conference 2021: Breaking barriers and building better - 5th - 7th October 2021

Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists conference offers an opportunity for speech and language therapists from all specialisms and sectors around the UK and the world, to come together virtually for three days of learning, connecting and recharging.

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Recent Conferences and Events

Interspeech 2021 - 30th August-3rd September

Interspeech will take place this year in Brno. It is the largest and most comprehensive conference on the science and technology of spoken language processing. Our paper: 'Parental spoken scaffolding and narrative skills in crowd-sourced storytelling samples of young children' was accepted.

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ICPLA 2021 -  June 23rd-25th

The collaborative Language Explorer team conducted a workshop covering the commercial, technical and academic work packages within this novel interdisciplinary project

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HealTAC 2021 - June 17th-18th

The fourth annual UK Healthcare Text Analytics conference took place to discuss current issues and events in processing healthcare free text and to share experience, results and challenges. Therapy Box's Stuart Gough presented.

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NAPLIC conference 2021 - May 8th 

The 2021 Naplic conference focused on DLD and speech, language, and communication needs, with a focus on how interventions at an individual level and new innovations can improve outcomes. Yvonne Wren spoke about Language Explorer, and how it uses AI to analyse narrative samples when evaluating DLD.


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NIHR Child Health Technology Conference 2021

Poster Presentation: Developing a mobile clinical language analysis tool: capturing children’s storytelling samples through citizen science.

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Early Childhood Voices 2020 Conference

Language Explorer in the media

"First-of-its-kind app could help NHS with fast, cost-effective diagnosis and treatment planning"

Newcastle University

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"Parents are being asked to participate in a groundbreaking national research project to tell one story now, help thousands of children tomorrow."

Hackney Gazette

"Therapy Box, is a leading collaborative project is using Out-of-Home advertising sites to encourage parents to download Language Explorer – a fun storytelling app that will also help speech and language therapists in the future identify children with a developmental language disorder."


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"Linguistic solutions firm Therapy Box, which won the Scale & Grow category, said it has saved the NHS £6 million so far with its AI solution to help tackle development language disorder (DLD) in children."

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