Language Explorer Study Aims & Milestones


This project is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) [NIHR200889 i4i]. It is a collaborative product development project which started in November 2019 with the aim of designing, developing and evaluating a language sampling tool that can save time for speech and language therapists.


1.  Design and develop an engaging app that can be used by children across the UK to gather data about how children retell stories
2.  Compare how the technology analyses language with the
expert research associates at Newcastle University
3.  Test the app with children and clinicians in three NHS sites
around the country
4.  Deliver a UK CA marked app that can be used to save time
and money and provide rich data about language.

Dr Yvonne Wren presenting at Early Childhood Voices conference

Yvonne Wren is presenting the team's work on evaluating the responses of parents who participated in the citizen science work package in 2020. Yvonne will be feeding back on the comments and ratings that parents gave us about how their children found using the app. 
Watch here


In 2020 we embarked on a challenge to gather samples of children across the UK retelling the treasure themed story within the Language Explorer app. We needed 600 children aged from four to eight, covering a range of socio-economic groups and from around the country. We were so pleased to reach this target. Following that the Research Associates at Newcastle University have transcribed and analysed the samples by hand, which has been compared with features in the tool as well as being used to train machine learning models.  At the end of the year we are ready to start evaluating the app in clinics across the NHS.  


This project brings together expertise from across clinical, technical and academic domains. The collaborating organisations are Therapy Box, Bristol Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit at North Bristol NHS Trust, Newcastle University and Sirona.  

Rebecca Bright MBE

Primary Investigator
Therapy Box

Swapnil Gadgil


Therapy Box

Dr Yvonne Wren


Prof. Cristina McKean

Newcastle University

Geraldine Bates

Sirona Care & Health

Elaine Ashton

Research Associate
Newcastle University

Dr Jen Chesters

Senior research associate

Alex Woodward

Technical Project Manager
Therapy Box

Federico Lorello

Lead Developer
Therapy Box

Dr Sam Harding

Senior Research Associate

Stuart Gough

Therapy Box

James Bartholomew

Therapy Box

Onkar Dangre

UI UX Designer
Therapy Box

Namrata Alandkar

Quality Analyst
Therapy Box 

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