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PhD Student's Contribution to Language Explorer

Zhengjun is a third year PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Sheffield, specifically the Speech and Hearing Group. Having joined Therapy Box via the TAPAS programme, which is aiming to address key research problems in the speech pathology field, Zhengjun used her research background to assist our Language Explorer project.

The TAPAS project consists of 15 early stage researchers, with aims of developing speech processing techniques for early detection of conditions that impact on speech production, as well as using newly-emerging speech processing techniques to produce automated speech therapy tools, and redesigning current speech technology so that it works well for people with speech impairments and also helps in making informed clinical choices. Find out more about the TAPAS project here!

Zhengjun specialises in researching continuous and automatic speech recognition for people with dysarthria, and played an important role in Language Explorer by performing data analysis and normalisation, as well as statistical comparisons of children with developmental language disorders and typical children.

While different to life at university, Zhengjun enjoyed her time here. “It is a small team but the team members are really nice and willing to help. They gave me a very warm welcome.“ Her hopes for the future are to continue with her PhD research, and then either to continue on as a researcher or begin work in the speech and language pathology industry. “I hope to make contributions to this area and help more speech-disordered people to use voice-driven technology.”

Zhengjun was a valuable member of the team and brought much insight to our projects, as well as performing essential and important work within Language Explorer. It was a pleasure to work alongside her and we wish her all the best for the future!

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