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Language Explorer: Our Journey

Language Explorer set sail in November 2019 as a way to help Speech and Language Therapists to elicit, transcribe and analyse language samples from children, using storytelling as a medium. The aim of Language Explorer is to ease this time consuming and labour intensive process using automatic transcription and analysis of sounds, words and grammar, and to make it easier to detect Developmental Language Disorder, which on average affects two children out of every thirty in a classroom.

The project has come a long way, winning the Virgin Business Voom competition in 2018, speaking at numerous conferences about Language Explorer and DLDs such as the Early Childhood Voices Conference in 2020, the Child Health Technology conference and the NAPLIC conference, both of which took place this year.

The project is currently undergoing trials with Speech and Language professionals to refine and optimise it, with plans for the tool to brought to market as a Class I medical device at the end of the year. It is hoped that other researchers will be able to benefit from the tools Language Explorer provides.

Language Explorer has a bright future; a shining example that technology can be used to streamline healthcare processes that are usually difficult and prolonged. This means professionals can see more clients and help more of those that need it by saving their own precious time.

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