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Child Health Technology Conference 2021

The CHT conference ran from 2nd to 5th March 2021, and was the first of its kind! The aim is to bring together a range of attendees from industry and healthcare experts, to engineers, designers and academics. There were inspirational talks and seminars, as well as presentations of the latest research findings in child health tech. The line-up included experts from around the world offering Q&As and tech demos.

The conference was set up by the NIHR, the National Institute for Health Research, who are the UKs largest funder of health care research. They work in partnership with the NHS, universities and others to facilitate world class research and advance the development of revolutionary science and technology.

We were thrilled to present our poster about Language Explorer, and how it can be used to identify language disorder! Check out the poster below, which details our findings and some info around the project:

We're excited that Language Explorer is making waves in this space, and are eager to expand further, reaching more participants and users. If you wish to download the above poster as a pdf, you can do so here:

Bright 2021
Download PDF • 39.70MB

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