• Alex Buxton

Woaaaah we're half way there!

Earlier this week we passed the halfway mark in our Citizen Science research project, achieving our first 300 completed assessments. There is nothing quite like reaching a milestone, and the whole Language Explorer team were popping bottles of champagne in their respective gardens! A massive thank you to all of those who have participated so far, and who have helped us reach this target. Email if you would like a Language Explorer themed pencil case and badge as a sign of our appreciation for your participation.

And although we breathed a heavy sigh of relief at reaching 50%, it slowly dawned on us that we will have to do it all over again to reach our end goal of 600. So if you haven't participated yet, now is the time to join the cause and help us to get to the next 300. And if you have already participated, share this worthwhile project with your friends and family using the power of social media! We are especially looking for children aged 4 and 5, so if any nursery children are looking for some fun challenges to complete, send the Language Explorer their way.


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