• Alex Buxton

We're going on a Language Explorer hunt!

Updated: Jul 2

The Language Explorer has moved inland on its quest for participants, and now find itself in Reading. JCDeaux is helping to bring word of this research project to families all across the country. We want to understand how different children tell the story. It is amazing to see how different dialects influence how the story is told. Look out for one of 500 bus stop posters dotted across the different parts of the UK.

We are now calling out all of our families in Berkshire to keep their eyes peeled to see whether they can spot one of these wonderful posters. If you manage to find one on your daily travels, take a selfie and tweet us with the hashtag #languageexplorer. We will then send out a Language Explorer themed pencil case and badge as a bounty for your poster hunt. Check out the locations below to see if there is a poster near you:


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